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July 18-19, 2009
Vallejo, CA,USA

Current Issue

The current issue of Model Engine Builder magazine is Issue #18 which was mailed to subscribers in early April. Issue #19 will be mailed in June.

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An index of articles to assist in determine which back issue to order.


Welcome to Model Engine Builder...the magazine for model engine builder enthusiasts

Model Engine Builder magazine (MEB) is dedicated to Internal Combustion, Steam, and Stirling Model Engine Builders and Enthusiasts.  Whether you are an expert, have already built a few engines, are starting out in the hobby, or just enjoy reading about these marvelous little engines, you’ll find Model Engine Builder magazine interesting, informative, and just plain fun! 

  • Model Engine Build Articles with separate large format 11” x 17” CAD drawings
  • How-to Articles for machining and assembling Engine Parts and Fixtures
  • How-to Articles on improving Engine Construction and Performance
  • Tech Topics and Shop Tips & Techniques
  • Q & A columns for solving model building challenges
  • Centerfold Feature Articles on noteworthy Models and the Modelers who build them
  • Beginner’s Corner Articles
  • Model Engineering Exhibitions, Clubs and other Model Engineering News
MEB Issue #18 MEB Issue #18
Eighteenth issue of Model Engine Builder Magazine.
Our Price: US$10.00